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In 1969, David Reuben, MD, published his groundbreaking book Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex*. Forty years later, we know plenty about sex. The thing we’re so confused about, however, is what to do when the sex is over–and you’re left with an Ex.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ex* will help you cut through the drama and learn:

  • Who holds the power in your Ex relationship
  • Practical solutions to everyday Ex issues (including kids)
  • How you can recover your power over a toxic Ex
  • How to handle your boyfriend’s or husband’s Exes
  • Whether your addicted to your Ex and how to break that addiction
  • How to get resolution with any Ex
  • The best way to deal with an unavoidable Ex
  • How to learn from your Exes so you can make a better choice for next time


“Psychotherapists Bell and Fiordaliso guide readers toward making the most out of failed relationships with friends and lovers, i.e., view them as opportunities to gain personal insight. Through anecdotes and stories, they discuss such issues as how to recover power from a toxic ex, how to deal with unavoidable exes, and how to handle one’s spouse’s exes. The lists, inventories, dos/don’ts, and examples make for an entertaining and enlightening read. Adult women will especially embrace this positive twist on the ex genre.”

—July ’09 issue of “Library Journal”

“No matter how codependent or crazy your relationship with your Ex has been, this book will show you how to live and love again.”

—Melody Beattie, bestselling author of The New Codependency
and Codependent No More

“An insightful, entertaining and essential guide to surviving the turmoil and trauma of breakups and divorce. Read this book and you’ll learn to survive and thrive in the aftermath of an unhappy relationship.”

—Ben Sherwood, bestselling author of The Survivor’s Club

“If you have an Ex and kids, this book is a must read (unless you want your kids to spend their college savings on therapy)!”

—Romi Lassally, author of True Mom Confessions: Real
Moms Get Real and founder of

“I thought I knew everything there was to know about my Ex. But I never would have guessed she’d be able to turn some of our most shameful follies into such valuable advice. Now our Ex life couldn’t be better!”

—Michelle’s Ex

“When I first became an Ex it was like a brick to the head or, perhaps in better moments, a knee to the groin. But this book adds the one metaphor I was missing—a breath of fresh air. Heather worked hard to become a ‘good’ Ex, where drama takes a backseat to what’s important—our kids and our futures. This book can show everyone that the path from Ex to next can be filled with hope and happiness.”

—Heather’s Ex

asterisk-dotA definitive guide for dealing with Exes.